Shareholder Offer

A unique equity-sharing opportunity

What makes Federation different to other platforms is an additional and unique equity-sharing opportunity. Investors in the platform can choose to participate financially in Federation Alliance, the platform’s promoter and distributor, and its future strategy by becoming a shareholder in the company.

Investors who decide to take up the offer may participate in any future growth and dividends Federation Alliance aims to create from its activities, which may have the effect of indirectly reducing their administration costs.

The opportunity

  • An opportunity for platform investors to become shareholders in Federation Alliance, the platform’s promoter and distributor, and to participate financially in its future strategies.
  • Shares representing a 90 percent interest (generally non-voting) in Federation Alliance are offered to platform investors (as M Class Shares).
  • As shareholders, investors are entitled to dividends distributed by Federation Alliance, subject to a dividend pool being available and the financial position of the company at the time.
  • Defined Conversion Event when investors’ shares convert to Ordinary Shares.

The structure

Federation Alliance is a mutual-style business model, with shares representing a 90 percent interest in Federation Alliance offered to investors in the platform and the remaining 10 percent held by the management company.

Please refer to the current Federation Alliance Limited Prospectus for further information.

The combination of dividends received over time and the capital value of the shares realised at a future date may indirectly reduce the administration fees of the platform.

Anita PerrottetShareholder Offer