Federation SuperTM

A contemporary and competitively priced superannuation administration platform

Solutions for investors and advisers

Federation SuperTM provides convenient and transparent superannuation administration that enables investors and advisers to construct an investment strategy in line with individual retirement objectives. It is suited to superannuation and pension members.

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Explaining Separately Managed Accounts

The Federation Alliance Superannuation Fund is no longer open for new applications.

Key features

  • Investor ownership

    What makes Federation different to other platforms is an additional and unique equity-sharing opportunity. Investors in the platform can choose to participate financially in Federation Alliance, the platform’s promoter and distributor, and its future strategy by becoming a shareholder in the company. Investors who decide to take up the offer may participate in any future growth and dividends Federation Alliance aims to create from its activities, which may have the effect of indirectly reducing their administration costs.

    For further information please read the Federation Alliance Limited Prospectus.

  • Online capability

    Federation is an online platform designed to make it easy for investors to engage with their investments and monitor their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Federation Portal provides investors and advisers with online access to investments to view and report on account details, portfolio valuations, asset allocations, performance analysis, superannuation and pension details, and access a wide range of consolidated reports.

  • Flexibility between plans

    Federation SuperTM has a range of options to assist investors to seamlessly transition from working life to retirement. Investors have the flexibility to make regular contributions into a Personal Super Account and take an income stream from a Transition to Retirement Pension Account—and, when ready, can transfer to an Account Based Pension Account.

  • Investment choice and flexibility

    Federation SuperTM offers greater flexibility and responsiveness in portfolio construction by accessing a broad choice of investments, which may include managed funds, ASX listed securities, international listed securities, model portfolios (separately managed accounts), exchange traded funds, term deposits, fixed interest and cash.

  • Insurance cover choice

    Federation SuperTM allows investors to select from a range of optional insurance covers from a number of insurers and individual insurance policies approved by the Trustee.

  • Transparency and control

    For investors looking for more control, Federation SuperTM can provide greater transparency around the fees paid for administration, investment and advice relating to accounts; and, through model portfolios, the ability to see how underlying investments are performing.

  • Ease of transacting

    Federation provides the convenience and efficiency of sophisticated transacting functionality, enabling advisers to place orders on their clients’ behalf across multiple investment types and market exchanges—all through one service.

  • Separately Managed Accounts (Model Portfolios)

    Investing in model portfolios gives an investor:

    • Professional investment management
    • Transparency of all assets, transactions and fees within the model portfolio
    • Tax efficiencies
    • Ability to tailor the portfolio by excluding specific stocks or locking the portfolio
    • An investment that avoids the embedded capital gains tax (CGT) and decisions of others

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